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A Trinitarian Trilogy by the Sea (2004)

(Inspired by Ephesians 1:3-14 and St. Augustan)


The healing and holiness of God are rarely as apparent to me as in the Cathedral of Nature- especially the ocean shore. It is here that I am truly re-created with all of my senses filled completely. Sight is filled with waves and birds. Ears, with the roar of waves, the whispering of winds and the laughter of children. Touch the graininess of sand, the chill of ocean, the refreshing breeze. Taste and smell the tangy saltiness- symbol for preservation and zest. Likewise, God is all filling.

The symbols of the seashore are often used in both Old and New Testament. In the Old, Yahweh is portrayed as the Rock of Faith (Ps 62: 1-7), the Water to quench all thirst (Jer 2: 13), and the Breath that gives Life (Ezek 37: 1-10). Christ describes the Father as building a home on Rock (Matt 7: 21-27). He described Himself as the Water of Life (John 4: 1-14) and He described the working of the Wind of the Spirit (John 3: 1-8).

By bathing myself in the wonders of the shore, I am immersing myself in the mystery that is the Triune God.


God is an ocean shore of salt, breeze and sea

all very different

but makes one shore of the three.

The Father, the Solid Rock of Creation, is the Beach of Being,

is the maker of boulder and sand.

The Father is silent, barely a whispering sound

as ocean and wind embrace all around.

The Son, the Water of Life, is the liquid ocean

caressing the Rock and Wind with devotion.

The roaring waves beckon: “Come”.

The Spirit is the airy Wind,

tinged with the salty tang of healing and holiness

loving both Beach and Ocean as He blows.

Where? Only God knows!

Without each: beach, wave and sea

Like Father, Son and Spirit,

neither shore nor God would be.


Blessed be the Father,

maker of sun, sand and sea

Without whom these would not be.

Bond between the Word of God and the Wind of God.

Honor to the Holy Spirit

The Sustainer and Sanctifier of Life

Without whom neither dolphin nor dove would live

Bridging the breach between God-man and Ground of Being.

Praise to the Son, the Redeemer and Ransomer of existence,

without whom there would be no consciousness of wonder or praise.

Joy and laugher between the Creator of Life and the Breath of Life.

Glory to Father, Son and Spirit,

the All-in-All

Lover of all that is,

that makes all whole and one.

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