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T. Lord Vaux


When I look back, and in myself behold

The wandering ways, that youth could not descry:

And mark'd the fearful course that youth did hold,

And met in mind each step youth stray'd awry;

My knees I bow, and from my heart I call,

O LORD, forget these faults and follies all!

For now I see, how void youth is of skill,

I see also his prime time and his end:

I do confess my faults and all my ill,

And sorrow sore, for that I did offend.

And with a mind repentant of all crimes

Pardon I ask for youth, ten thousand times.

The humble heart hath daunted the proud mind;

Eke wisdom hath given ignorance a fall:

And wit hath taught, that1111that, that which folly could not find,

And age hath youth her subject and her thrall.

Therefore I pray, O LORD of life and truth,

Pardon the faults committed in my youth.

Thou that didst grant the wise king his request:

Thou that in Whale Thy prophet didst preserve:

Thou that forgav'st the wounding of Thy breast:

Thou that didst save the thief in state to sterve1212sterve, die:

Thou only GOD, the giver of all grace:

Wipe out of mind the path of youth's vain race.

Thou that, by power, to life didst raise the dead:

Thou that of grace restor'st the blind to sight:

Thou that for love, Thy life and love out-bled:

Thou that of favour mad'st the lame go right:

Thou that canst heal, and help in all assays,

Forgive the guilt, that grew in youth's vain ways.

And now since I, with faith and doubtless mind,

Do fly to Thee by prayer, to appease Thy ire:

And since that Thee I only seek to find,

And hope, by faith, to attain my just desire;

LORD, mind no more youth's error and unskill,

And able age to do Thy holy will.

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