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Analysis of the first treatise.

In the work of the Spirit as a Comforter, there fall to be considered, — I. His especial office as such; II. His discharge of it; and, III. The effects of it towards believers.

I. In his office, there are implied an especial trust, mission, name, and work, chap. i.

II. The general properties of this office, as discharged by the Holy Spirit, are unfolded:— 1. Infinite condescension; 2. Unspeakable love; 3. Infinite power; and, 4. Unchangeable continuance with the church, ii.

III. In regard to his effects on believers, it is first proved that his effectual consolations are the privilege of believers exclusively, iii. And some of his operations in them as such, and of the benefits which they in consequence enjoy, are specified. His operations in them generally are unfolded under the head of the “inhabitation of the Spirit;” which is first discriminated from erroneous views respecting it, and then proved from Scripture, iv. Among the special benefits indicated are, — 1. The unction of the Spirit, v.; 2. sealing of the Spirit, expounded in a brief comment on Eph. i. 13, iv. 30, vi.; and, 3. The Spirit as an earnest, considered in reference to 2 Cor. i. 22, v. 5, Eph. i. 14. An application of the preceding truths concludes the treatise, vii.

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