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Chap. XXVII. — Of the Last Privilege of Believers, — being the Door of Entrance into Glory.

Q. 1. What is the resurrection of the flesh?

A. An act of the106106   The resurrection of the flesh hereafter is a powerful motive to live after the Spirit here. mighty power of God’s Holy Spirit, applying 494unto us the virtue of Christ’s resurrection, &c; whereby, at the last day, he will raise our whole bodies from the dust, to be united again unto our souls in everlasting happiness.
Job xix. 25–27; Ps. xvi. 9–11; Isa. xxvi. 19; Ezek. xxxvii. 2, 3; Dan. xii. 2; 1 Cor. xv. 16, Rev. xx. 12, 13.

Q. 2. What is the end of this whole dispensation?

A. The glory of God in our eternal salvation.

To Him be all glory and honour for evermore! Amen.

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