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Chap. IX. — Of the Incarnation of Christ.

Q. 1. Shall all mankind, then, everlastingly perish?

A. No; God, of his free grace, hath prepared a way to redeem and save his elect.
John iii. 16; Isa. liii. 6.

Q. 2. What way was this?

A. By sending his own Son4343   This is that great mystery of godliness that the angels themselves admire; — the most transcendent expression of God’s infinite love, — the laying forth of all the treasure of his wisdom and goodness. Jesus Christ in the likeness of sinful flesh, condemning sin in the flesh.
Rom. viii. 3.

Q. 3. Who is this you call his own Son?

A. The second person of the Trinity, co-eternal and of the same Deity with his Father.
John i. 14; Rom. i. 3; Gal. iv. 4; 1 John i. 1.

Q. 4. How did God send him?

A. By causing him to be made flesh of a pure virgin, and to dwell among us, that he might be obedient unto death, the death of the cross.
Isa. l. 6; John i. 14; Luke i. 35; Phil. ii. 8; 1 Tim. iii. 16.

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