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Lecture I.

The Idea of the “Weltanschauung”

Classification of “Weltanschauungen”

Unconscious Metaphysic

Antagonism of Christian and “Modern” Views of the World—Anti-supernaturalism of the latter

Internal Conflicts of the “Modern” View

Uniqueness of the Old Testament View

Origin of the Old Testament View—Relation to critical theories

Nature and Definition of Religion

Undogmatic Religion

Æsthetic Theories of Religion

Religious and Theoretic Knowledge

Lecture II.

The Central Place of Christ in His Religion

The Defeat of Arianism

Modern Unitarianism

Concessions of Ritschlians on the Person of Christ

The Weakness of Deism

Weakness of Modern Liberal Protestantism

Christianity and the Idea of Progress

The Prevalence of Pessimism

Transition from Pessimism to Theism—Hartmann and Karl Peters

Materialism in Germany

The Reasonableness of Revelation

The Ritschlian Doctrine of Revelation

Lecture III.

Primitive Fetishism and Ghost-worship

Old Testament Monotheism

Kant on the Cosmological Argument

Kant on the Teleological Argument


Schools of Evolutionists

Kant on the Ontological Argument

Rational Realism

Lecture IV.

The Creation History.

Evolution in Inorganic Nature—The Nebular Hypothesis

The Hypothesis of Cycles

“Eternal Creation”

Eternity and Time

Man the Head of Creation

Mind and Mechanical Causation.

Mind and Cerebral Activity

Schleiermacher and Immortality

Lecture V.

Defects in Creation: an Argument against Theism

Dualistic Theories of the Origin of Evil

Hegel’s Doctrine of Sin

Ritschl’s Doctrine of Guilt

Alleged Primitive Savagery of Mankind

Early Monotheistic Ideas

The Antiquity of Man and Geological Time

The Connection of Sin and Death

Lecture VI.

The Doctrine of Pre-existence.

Philo and the Fourth Gospel

The Resurrection of Christ and the Reality of His Divine Claim

Lecture VII.

Recent Theories of the Trinity

Dr. Martineau as a Trinitarian

Lecture VIII.

The Germ Theory of Justification

Lecture IX.

Renan’s Eschatology

The Gospel and the Vastness of Creation

Alleged Pauline Universalism

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