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Longfellow, Samuel, a Unitarian minister, brother of the poet Henry W. Longfellow, was born in Portland, Me., June 18, 1819. He was graduated at Harvard in 1839, and at the Divinity School, Cambridge, in 1846. His first Church was at Fall River, Mass. In 1853 he was installed pastor of the Second Unitarian Church in Brooklyn, N. Y., where he remained until 1860. After that he did not serve as a regular pastor. He preached occasionally and engaged in a variety of literary labor. He died at Portland, Me., October 3, 1892. In connection with the Rev. Samuel Johnson, he compiled A Book of Hymns, 1846, and Hymns of the Spirit, 1864. Three of his hymns appear in this book. They are of far more than average merit.

Again as evening's shadow falls 48
I look to thee in every need 473
O still in accents sweet and strong 395
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