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Hastings, Thomas, editor, author, and Doctor of Music, was born at Washington, Conn., October 15, 1784. In youth he removed with his father to Northern New York, and pubsequently resided in New York City. He edited and largely contributed to the following works: Spiritual Songs, 1832; Christian Psalmist, 1836; The Mother's Hymn Book, 1849; and Devotional Hymns and Religious Poems, 1850; and he was also the editor of a number of music books. He died in New York May 15, 1872. "His aim," says Prof. F. M. Bird, "was the greater glory of God through better musical worship; and to this end he, was always training choirs, compiling works, and composing music."

Come, Ye disconsolate (Moore) 526
Gently, Lord, O gently lead us 319
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