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Hymn 52

John Newton




Yes! since God himself has said it,

On the promise I rely;

His good word demands my credit,

What can unbelief reply?

He is strong and can fulfill,

He is truth and therefore will.

As to all the doubts and questions,

Which my spirit often grieve,

These are Satan’s sly suggestions,

And I need no answer give;

He would fain destroy my hope,

But the promise bears it up.

Sure the LORD thus far has brought me

By his watchful tender care;

Sure ’tis he himself has taught me

How to seek his face by prayer:

After so much mercy past,

Will he give me up at last?

True, I’ve been a foolish creature;

And have sinned against his grace;

But forgiveness is his nature,

Though he justly hides his face:

Ere he called me well he knew,

Isa 48:8

What a heart like mine would do.

In my Savior’s intercession

Therefore I will still confide;

LORD accept my free contrition,

I have sinned, but thou hast died:

Rom 8:34

This is all I have to plead,

This is all the plea I need.

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