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Hymn 51

William Cowper


Lively hope, and gracious fear.

I was a groveling creature once,

And safely cleaved to earth;

I wanted spirit to renounce

The clod that gave me birth.

But God has breathed upon a worm,

And sent me, from above,

Wings, such as clothe an angel’s form,

The wings of joy and love.

With these to Pisgah’s top I fly,

And there delighted stand;

To view, beneath a shining sky,

The spacious promised land.

The LORD of all the vast domain,

Has promised it to me;

The length and breadth of all the plain,

As far as faith can see.

How glorious is my privilege!

To thee for help I call,

I stand upon a mountain’s edge,

O save me, lest I fall!

Though much exalted in the LORD,

My strength is not my own;

Then let me tremble at his word,

And none shall cast me down.

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