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Hymn 17

William Cowper


Afflictions sanctified by the word.

O How I love thy holy word,

Thy gracious covenant, O LORD!

It guides me in the peaceful way,

I think upon it all the day.

What are the mines of shining wealth,

The strength of youth, the bloom of health!

What are all joys compared with those

Thine everlasting word bestows!

Long unafflicted, undismayed,

In pleasures path secure I strayed;

Thou mad’st me feel thy chast’ning rod,

Ps 119:71

And strait I turned unto my GOD.

What though it pierced my fainting heart,

I bless thine hand that caused the smart;

It taught my tears awhile to flow,

But saved me from eternal woe.

O! hadst thou left me unchastised,

Thy precept I had still despised;

And still the snare in secret laid,

Had my unwary feet betrayed.

I love thee therefore O my God,

And breathe towards thy dear abode;

Where in thy presence fully blest,

Thy chosen saints for ever rest.

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