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Hymn 11

John Newton


The effort.


Cheer up, my soul, there is a mercy–seat

Sprinkled with blood, where JESUS answers prayer;

There humbly cast thyself, beneath his feet,

For never needy sinner perished there.

Lord, I am come! thy promise is my plea,

Without thy word I durst not venture nigh;

But thou hast called the burdened soul to thee,

A weary burdened soul, O Lord, am I!

Bowed down beneath a heavy load of sin,

By Satan’s fierce temptations sorely pressed,

Beset without, and full of fears within,

Trembling and faint I come to thee for rest.

Be thou my refuge, Lord, my hiding–place,

I know no force can tear me from thy side;

Unmoved I then may all accusers face,

And answer every charge, with, “JESUS died.”

Yes, thou didst weep, and bleed, and groan, and die,

Well hast thou known what fierce temptations mean;.

Such was thy love, and now, enthroned on high,

The same compassions in thy bosom reign.

Lord give me faith—he hears—what grace is this!

Dry up thy tears, my soul, and cease to grieve:

He shows me what he did, and who he is,

I must, I will, I can, I do believe.

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