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Hymn 96

John Newton


For a garden-seat, or summer-house.


A Shelter from the rain or wind,

Isa 32:2

A shade from scorching heats

A resting place you here may find,

To ease your weary feet.

Enter but with a serious thought,

Consider who is near

This is a consecrated spot,

The Lord is present here!

A question of the utmost weight,

While reading, meets your eye;

May conscience witness to your state,

And give a true reply!

Is Jesus to your heart revealed,

As full of truth and grace?

And is his name your hope and shield,

Your rest and hiding place?

If so, for all events prepared,

Whatever storms may rise,

He, whom you love, wilt safely guard,

And guide you to the skies.

No burning sun, or storm, or rain,

Will there your peace annoy;

No sin, temptation, grief, or pain,

Intrude to damp your joy.

But if his name you have not known,

Oh, seek him while you may!

Lest you should meet his aweful frown,

In that approaching day.

When the avenging Judge you see,

With terrors on his brow;

Where can you hide, or whither flee,

If you reject him now?

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