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Hymn 12

William Cowper


Prayer for children.

Gracious Lord, our children see,

By thy mercy we are free;

But shall these, alas! remain

Subjects still of Satan’s reign?

195 Israel’s young ones, when of old

Pharaoh threatened to withhold;

Ex 10:9

Then thy messenger said, “No;

Let the children also go.”

When the angel of the Lord

Drawing forth his dreadful sword,

Slew, with an avenging hand,

All the first–born of the land:

Ex 12:13

Then thy peoples’ doors he passed,

Where the bloody sign was placed;

Hear us, now, upon our knees,

Plead the blood of CHRIST for these!

LORD we tremble, for we know

How the fierce malicious foe;

Wheeling round his watchful flight,

Keeps them ever in his sight:

Spread thy pinions, King of kings!

Hide them safe beneath thy wings;

Lest the rav’nous bird of prey

Stoop, and bear the brood away.

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