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Hymn 11

William Cowper


Pleading for and with youth.


Sin has undone our wretched race,

But JESUS has restored

And brought the sinner face to face

With his forgiving LORD.

This we repeat from year to year,

And press upon our youth;

LORD, give them an attentive ear,

LORD, save them by thy truth.

Blessings upon the rising race!

Make this an happy hour,

According to thy richest grace,

And thine almighty pow’r.

We feel for your unhappy state,

(May you regard it too)

And would awhile ourselves forget,

To pour out prayer for you.

We see, though you perceive it not,

Th’ approaching, aweful doom;

O tremble at the solemn thought,

And flee the wrath to come!

Dear Savior, let this new–born year

Spread an alarm abroad;

And cry, in every careless ear,

“Prepare to meet thy God!”

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