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Hymn 8

John Newton



Gen 25:34; Heb 12:16

Poor Esau repented too late

That once he his birth–right despised;

And sold, for a morsel of meat,

What could not too highly be prized:


How great was his anguish when told,

The blessing he sought to obtain,

Was gone with the birth–right he sold,

And none could recall it again!

He stands as a warning to all,

Wherever the gospel shall come;

O Hasten and yield to the call,

While yet for repentance there’s room!

Your season will quickly be past,

Then hear and obey it today;

Lest when you seek mercy at last,

The Savior should frown you away.

What is it the world can propose?

A morsel of meat at the best!

For this are you willing to lose

A share in the joys of the blest?

Its pleasures will speedily end,

Its favor and praise are but breath;

And what can its profits befriend

Your soul in the moment of death?

If Jesus for these you despise,

And sin to the Savior prefer;

In vain your entreaties and cries,

When summoned to stand at his bar:

How will you his presence abide?

What anguish will torture your heart?

The saints all enthroned by his side,

And you be compelled to depart.

Too often, dear Savior, have I

Preferred some poor trifle to thee;

How is it thou dost not deny

The blessing and birth–right to me?


No better than Esau I am,

Though pardon and heav’n be mine;

To me belongs nothing but shame,

The praise and the glory be thine.

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