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Hymn 77

John Newton


A brand plucked out of the fire.

Zech 3:1-596

With Satan, my accuser near,

My spirit trembled when I saw

The LORD in majesty appear,

And heard the language of his law.

In vain I wished and strove to hide

The tattered filthy rags I wore;

While my fierce foe, insulting cried,

“See what you trusted in before!”

Struck dumb, and left without a plea,

I heard my gracious Savior say,

“Know, Satan, I this sinner free,

I died to take his sins away.

This is a brand which I in love,

To save from wrath and sin design;

In vain thy accusations prove,

I answer all, and claim him mine.”

At his rebuke the tempter fled;

Then he removed my filthy dress;

“Poor sinner take this robe, he said,

It is thy Savior’s righteousness.

And see, a crown of life prepared!

That I might thus thy head adorn;

I thought no shame or suff’ring hard,

But wore, for thee, a crown of thorn.”

O how I heard these gracious words!

They broke and healed my heart at once;

Constrained me to become the Lord’s,

And all my idol–gods renounce.

Now, Satan, thou hast lost thy aim,

Against this brand thy threats are vain;

JESUS has plucked it from the flame,

And who shall put it in again?

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