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Hymn 49

William Cowper


True pleasures.

Lord my soul with pleasure springs,

When Jesus’ name I hear;

And when God the Spirit brings

The word of promise near.

Beauties too, in holiness,

Still delighted I perceive;

Nor have words that can express

The joys thy precepts give.

Clothed in sanctity and grace,

How sweet it is to see

Those who love thee as they pass,

Or when they wait on thee:

Pleasant too, to sit and tell

What we owe to love divine;

Till our grateful bosoms swell,

And eyes begin to shine.

Those the comforts I possess,

Which God shall still increase;

All his ways are pleasantness,

Pr 3:17

And all his paths are peace:

Nothing JESUS did or spoke,

Henceforth let me ever slight;

For I love his easy yoke,

Mt 11:30

And find his burden light.

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