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Hymn 47

John Newton


Gospel privileges.


Happy are they, to whom the LORD

His gracious name makes known!

And by his Spirit, and his word,

Adopts them for his own!

He calls them to his mercy–seat,

And hears their humble prayer;

And when within his house they meet,

They find his presence near.

The force of their united cries

No pow’r can long withstand

For JESUS helps them from the skies,

By his almighty hand.

Then mountains sink at once to plains,

And light from darkness springs;

Each seeming loss improves their gains,

Each trouble comfort brings.

Though men despise them, or revile,

They count the trial small;

Whoever frowns, if JESUS smile,

It makes amends for all.

Though meanly clad, and coarsely fed,

And, like their Savior, poor;

They would not change their gospel bread

For all the worldling’s store.

When cheered with faith’s sublimer joys,

They mount on eagle’s wings;

They can disdain, as children’s toys,

The pride and pomp of kings.

Dear Lord, assist our souls to pay

The debt of praise we owe;

That we enjoy a gospel day,

And heav’n begun below.

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