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Hymn 8

William Cowper


Prayer for a blessing.


Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youth

The gift of saving grace;

And let the seed of sacred truth

Fall in a fruitful place.

Grace is a plant, where’er it grows,

Of pure and heav’nly root;

But fairest in the youngest shows,

And yields the sweetest fruit;

Ye careless ones, O hear betimes

The voice of sovereign love!

Your youth is stained with many crimes,

But mercy reigns above.

True, you are young, but there’s a stone

Within the youngest breast;

Or half the crimes which you have done.

Would rob you of your rest.

For you the public prayer is made,

O! join the public prayer!

For you the secret tear is shed,

O shed yourselves a tear.

We pray that you may early prove

The Spirit’s power to teach;

You cannot be too young to love

That JESUS whom we preach.

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