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Hymn 99

John Newton


The world.


See, the world for youth prepares,

Harlot like, her gaudy snares!

Pleasures round her seem to wait,

But ’tis all a painted cheat.

Rash and unsuspecting youth

Thinks to find thee always smooth,

Always kind, till better taught,

By experience dearly bought.

So the calm, but faithless sea,

(Lively emblem, world, of thee)

Tempts the shepherd from the shore,

Foreign regions to explore.

While no wrinkled wave is seen,

While the sky remains serene;

Filled with hopes, and golden schemes,

Of a storm he little dreams.

But ere long the tempest raves,

Then he trembles at the waves;

Wishes then he had been wise,

But too late–he sinks and dies.

Hapless thus, are they, vain world,

Soon on rocks of ruin hurled;

Who admiring thee, untried,

Court thy pleasure, wealth, or pride.

Such a shipwreck had been mine,

Had not JESUS (Name Divine!)

Saved me with a mighty hand,

And restored my soul to land.

Now, with gratitude I raise

Ebenezers to his praise;

Now my rash pursuits are o’er,

I can trust thee, world, no more.

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