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Hymn 94

John Newton




The Savior calls his people sheep,

And bids them on his love rely,

For he alone their souls can keep,

And he alone their wants supply.

The bull can fight, the hare can flee,

The ant, in summer, food prepare;

But helpless sheep, and such are we,

Depend upon the Shepherd’s care.

JEHOVAH is our Shepherd’s name,

Ps 23:1

Then what have we, though weak, to fear?

Our sin and folly we proclaim,

If we despond while he is near.

When Satan threatens to devour,

When troubles press on every side;

Think of our Shepherd’s care and pow’r,

He can defend, he will provide.

See the rich pastures of his grace,

Where, in full streams, salvation flows!

There he appoints our resting place,

And we may feed, secure from foes.

There, ’midst the flock the Shepherd dwells,

The sheep around in safety lie;

The wolf, in vain, with malice swells,

For he protects them with his eye.

Mic 5:4

Dear LORD, if I am one of thine,

From anxious thoughts I would be free;

To trust, and love, and praise, is mine,

The care of all belongs to thee.

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