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Hymn 20

John Newton


BALAAM’s wish

Num 23:10

How blest the righteous are

When they resign their breath!

No wonder Balaam wished to share

In such a happy death.

“Oh! let me die, said he,

The death the righteous do;

When life is ended let me be

Found with the faithful few.”

The force of truth how great!

When enemies confess,

27 None but the righteous whom they hate,

A solid hope possess.

But Balaam’s wish was vain,

His heart was insincere;

He thirsted for unrighteous gain,

And sought a portion here.

He seemed the LORD to know,

And to offend him loth;

But Mammon proved his overthrow,

For none can serve them both.

May you, my friends, and I,

Warning from hence receive;

If like the righteous we would die,

To choose the life they live.

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