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Hymn 91

John Newton


Peter sinning and repenting.

Mt 26:73

When Peter boasted, soon he fell,

Yet was by grace restored;

His case should be regarded well

By all who fear the Lord.

A voice it has, and helping hand,

Backsliders to recall;


And cautions those who think they stand,

Lest suddenly they fall.

He said, “Whatever others do,

With Jesus I’ll abide;”

Yet soon amidst a murd’rous crew

His suff’ring Lord denied.

He who had been so bold before,

Now trembled like a leaf;

Not only lied, but cursed and swore,

To gain the more belief.

While he blasphemed he heard the cock,

And Jesus looked in love;

At once, as if by lightning struck,

His tongue forbore to move.

Delivered thus from Satan’s snare

He starts, as from a sleep;

His Savior’s look he could not bear,

But hasted forth to weep.

But sure the faithful cock had crowed

A hundred times in vain;

Had not the Lord that look bestowed,

The meaning to explain.

As I, like Peter, vows have made,

Yet acted Peter’s part;

So conscience, like the cock, upbraids

My base, ungrateful heart.

Lord Jesus, hear a sinner’s cry,

My broken peace renew;

And grant one pitying look, that I

May weep with Peter too.

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