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Hymn 87

John Newton


Peter walking upon the water.

Mt 14:28-31108

A Word from JESUS calms the sea,

The stormy wind controls;

And gives repose and liberty

To tempest–tossed souls.

To Peter on the waves he came,

And gave him instant peace;

Thus he to me revealed his name,

And bid my sorrows cease.

Then filled with wonder, joy and love,

Peter’s request was mine;

LORD, call me down, I long to prove

That I am wholly thine.

Unmoved at all I have to meet

On life’s tempestuous sea;

Hard, shall be easy; bitter, sweet,

So I may follow thee.

He heard and smiled, and bid me try,

I eagerly obeyed;

But when from him I turned my eye,

How was my soul dismayed!

The storm increased on every side,

I felt my spirit shrink;

And soon, with Peter, loud I cried,

LORD, save me, or I sink.”

Kindly he caught me by the hand,

And said, “Why dost thou fear?

Since thou art come at my command,

And I am always near.

Upon my promise rest thy hope,

And keep my love in view;

I stand engaged to hold thee up,

And guide thee safely through.”

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