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Hymn 84

John Newton


Satan returning.

Mt 12:43-45105

When Jesus claims the sinner’s heart,

Where Satan ruled before;

The evil spirit must depart,

And dares return no more.

But when he goes without constraint,

And wanders from his home;

Although withdrawn, ’tis but a feint,

He means again to come.

Some outward change perhaps is seen

If Satan quit the place;

But though the house seem swept and clean,

’Tis destitute of grace.

Except the Savior dwell and reign

Within the sinner’s mind;

Satan, when he returns again,

Will easy entrance find.

With rage and malice sevenfold,

He then resumes his sway;

No more by checks to be controlled,

No more to go away.

The sinner’s former state was bad,

But worse the latter far;

He lives possessed, and blind, and mad,

And dies in dark despair.

Lord save me from this dreadful end!

And from this heart of mine,

O drive and keep away the fiend

Who fears no voice but thine.

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