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Hymn 92

John Newton


The legion dispossessed.

Mk 5:18,19115

Legion was my name by nature,

Satan raged within my breast;

Never misery was greater,

Never sinner more possessed:

Mischievous to all around me,

To myself the greatest foe;

Thus I was, when Jesus found me,

Filled with madness, sin and woe.

Yet in this forlorn condition,

When he came to see me free;

I replied, to my Physician,

“What have I to do with thee?”

But he would not be prevented,

Rescued me against my will;

Had he stayed till I consented,

I had been a captive still.

“Satan, though thou fain wouldst have it,

Know this soul is none of thine;

I have shed my blood to save it,

Now I challenge it for mine, 1010See also Book 3, Hymn 54

Though it long has thee resembled,

Henceforth it shall me obey;”

Thus he spoke while Satan trembled,

Gnashed his teeth and fled away.

Thus my frantic soul he healed,

Bid my sins and sorrows cease;

“Take, said he, my pardon sealed,

I have saved thee, go in peace:”

Rather take me, LORD, to heaven,

Now thy love and grace I know;

Since thou hast my sins forgiven,

Why should I remain below?

“Love, he said, will sweeten labors,

Thou hast something yet to do;

Go and tell your friends and neighbors,

What my love has done for you:

Live to manifest my glory,

Wait for heav’n a little space;

Sinners, when they hear thy story,

Will repent and seek my face.”

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