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Hymn 139

John Newton



Rev 3:7-13173

Thus saith the holy One, and true,

To his beloved faithful few;

“Of heav’n and hell I hold the keys,

To shut, or open, as I please.

I know thy works, and I approve,

Though small thy strength, sincere thy love;

Go on, my word and name to own,

For none shall rob thee of thy crown.

Before thee see my mercy’s door

Stands open wide to shut no more;

Fear not temptation’s fiery day,

For I will be thy strength and stay.

Thou hast my promise, hold it fast,

The trying hour will soon be past;

Rejoice, for lo! I quickly come,

To take thee to my heav’nly home.

A pillar there, no more to move,

Inscribed with all my names of love;

A monument of mighty grace,

Thou shalt for ever have a place.”

Such is the conqueror’s reward,

Prepared and promised by the Lord!

Let him that has the ear of faith,

Attend to what the Spirit saith.

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