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Hymn 125

John Newton


PAUL’s voyage.

Acts 27156

If Paul in Caesar’s court must stand,

He need not fear the sea;

Secured from harm, on every hand,

By the divine decree.

Although the ship, in which he sailed,

By dreadful storms was tossed;

The promise over all prevailed,

And not a life was lost.

Jesus! the GOD whom Paul adored,

Who saves in time of need;

Was then confessed, by all on board,

A present help indeed!

Though neither sun nor stars were seen

Paul knew the Lord was near;

And faith preserved his soul serene,

When others shook for fear.

Believers thus are tossed about

On life’s tempestuous main;

But grace assures, beyond a doubt,

They shall their port attain.

They must, they shall appear one day,

Before their Savior’s throne;

The storms they meet with by the way,

But make his power known.

Their passage lies across the brink

Of many a threat’ning wave;

The world expects to see them sink,

But JESUS lives to save.

Lord, though we are but feeble worms,

Yet since thy word is past;

We’ll venture through a thousand storms,

To see thy face at last.

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