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S. Stephen’s Day



Anatolius, ~458

τω Βασιλει και Δεσποτη.

The LORD and King of all things

But yesterday was born:

And Stephen’s glorious offering

His birthtide shall adorn.

No pearls of orient splendour,

No jewels can he show;

But with his own true heart’s-blood

His shining vestments glow.

Come, ye that love the Martyrs,

And pluck the flow’rs of song,

And weave them in a garland

For this our suppliant throng;

And cry,—O thou that shinest

In grace’s brighest ray,

CHRIST’s valiant Protomartyr,

For peace and favour pray!


Thou first of all Confessors,

Thou of all Deacons crown,

Of every following athlete

The glory and renown:

Make supplication, standing

Before CHRIST’s Royal Throne,

That He would give the kingdom,

And for our sins atone!

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