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Translator's Note

A glance at the pages of this little work will show that it is more elementary than the other writings of its honoured author.  The reason is that is specially designed for young disciples who have but recently chosen the better part, and consequently need nothing so much as just to sit at the feet of Jesus and hear His word.  Every minister of a congregation in which young people have been brought to the Lord, will remember the keen feeling of anxiety that swept over his heart as he contemplated their entrance on the duties and responsibilities of a public Christian confession.  The supreme question at such a time is: How shall these young converts be built up in the knowledge of the truth?  How shall they be best taught the real nature of the new life they have received, the dangers by which it is beset, and the directions in which its energy may safely go forth?

     The desire to give a fitting answer to these questions has given rise to many excellent manuals.  In connection with every time of revival, especially, new books for this circle of readers always make their appearance.  As Mr. Murray indicates in the Preface, it was in the midst of such a happy period that the following chapters were written.  The volume came under my notice whilst I was recently traveling in Holland.  A brief inspection showed me that it was one of the most simple, comprehensive, and suggestive of its class.  It is now translated into English from the latest Dutch edition, that the many thousands who have profited by Mr. Murray’s other admirable works may have a suitable book to give or recommend to those who are setting their faces towards an earnest and fruitful Christian life.

     That it will be very helpful to this end I cannot doubt: especially if the directions the author himself has given are faithfully adhered to.  It will be noticed that the chapters are comparatively short; but every one of them has a considerable number of Biblical references.  Let no reader be content to read what is written here without turning up and examining the texts marked. This practice, if persistently carried out, cannot fail to yield much recompense.  There are just as many chapters in the book as Sabbaths in the year.  What an additional blessing it would bring, if the members of a family who have had access to the book during the week, were to hear a chapter read aloud every Sabbath evening, and were encouraged to quote the texts in each that my have struck them most.

     I have only to add that the volume is now translated and issued with Mr. Murray’s cordial sanction.  It has been to me a very pleasant task to put it into an English dress for my younger brethren throughout the country.  Beyond this point, of course, my responsibility does not go.  Should the book prove useful in guiding the feet of those who have come to the Lord yet further into the way of peace and holiness, it will be, both for author and translator, the answer to many a fervent prayer.


Abbroath, September 1891

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