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E-text prepared by Colin Bell, Thomas Strong,
and the Project Gutenberg Online Distributed Proofreading Team


Transcriber's Note:

1. Obvious misspellings and printing errors have been corrected.

2. Archaic word spellings have been retained.

3. List of books by the same author has been moved from the beginning to the end of the book.

4. Footnotes have been placed immediately following the paragraphs in which they are noted.

5. Notation for Footnote 4, which is missing in the original, has been supplied.

6. A word that is missing at the beginning of Footnote 8 has been supplied as (I).

7. Capitalized headings within chapters are running page headers.

8. Running page headers which are designated by * reflect subject matter that occurs within paragraphs in the original and are broken into paragraphs for the purpose of better readability in this document.

9. Scripture references (e.g., Mal. 2.1; Acts xx. 19; 2 Tim. 1.12; etc.) which appear as sidenotes in the original are placed within [ ] and immediately follow the quoted scripture or statement pertaining to scripture to which they refer.

10. Redundant book heading and redundant chapter headings have been omitted.
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