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Wele’n dyfod ar y cwmwl



Lo! He comes on clouds of glory,

Circled by an angel-throng

Who proclaim His lofty titles

With their trumpets, loud and long.


Welcome, welcome, Son of Man!

Thousand thousands, myriad myriads

Bright attendants on the Lord,

See I rising from corruption,

At the mighty signal-word:

Farewell, sadness,

Full redemption now is come.

Now behold th’ exalted Shepherd

Calleth one by one his sheep;

Lo! they rise with joy to meet Him,

None in earth or ocean sleep.

Love unbounded,

Thou shalt henceforth ever reign.

There for sin is no upbraiding,

Nought but pardon full and free:

Nought but his deep love, and merit

Shall now unforgotten be;

Fear hath vanished,

Joy and rapture overflow.

“Come, ye faithful servants, enter,

Blessèd children of your God:

Come, receive eternal mansions,

Purchased for you with my blood!

Come and welcome,

Now my love is satisfied.”

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