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Pererin wyf i’r Ganaan fry


A pilgrim I to Canaan flee,

To dwell, my blessed Lord, with Thee

In thine eternal rest:44Originally “nyth,” nest.

Beyond the tempter’s roar and dart,

And every foe to cause me smart,

Thy constant, filial guest.

Afar I sometimes see below

A glimpse of Salem’s mansions glow,

All blessèd, all divine:

O city high, nor sun nor moon,

Arise o’er thee, God is thy noon!

When shall thy bliss be mine?

At the great resurrection day,

I shall shake off this heavy clay,

And rise above the earth:

Then mount on wings sublime to heaven,

When Thou hast powers immortal given,

O strange, and glorious birth!

And then, with life immortal crowned,

My feeble song of glory drowned

Among the sons of light,

Our strains shall high and higher swell,

In keeping feast without farewell,

To Jesus day and night.

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