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Carl F. Price, Editor

I. “The Hymns of John Bunyan.”
By Louis F. Benson, D.D.
II. “The Religious Value of Hymns.”
By William P. Merrill, D.D.
III. “The Praise of the Virgin in Early Latin Hymns.”
By Ruth Ellis Messenger, Ph.D.
IV. “The Significance of the Old French Psalter.”
By Professor Waldo Selden Pratt, L.H.D., Mus.D.
V. Hymn Festival Programs.
VI. “What Is a Hymn?”
By Carl F. Price, M.A.
VII. “An Account of the Bay Psalm Book.”
By Henry Wilder Foote, D.D.
VIII. “Lowell Mason: an Appreciation of His Life and Work.”
By Henry Lowell Mason.
IX. “Christian Hymns of the First Three Centuries.”
By Ruth Ellis Messenger, Ph.D.
X. Addresses at the Twentieth Anniversary of the Hymn Society of America.
XI. Hymns of Christian Patriotism.
XII. “Luther and Congregational Song.”
By Luther D. Reed, D.D., A.E.D.
XIII. “Isaac Watts and his Contribution to English Hymnody.”
By Norman Victor Hope, M.A., Ph.D.
XIV. “Latin Hymns of the Middle Ages.”
By Ruth Ellis Messenger, Ph.D.
XV. “Revival of Gregorian Chant, Its Influence on English Hymnody.”
By J. Vincent Higginson, Mus.B., M.A.

Copies of these papers at 25 cents each may be obtained from the Executive Secretary of the Hymn Society.

Note: Inquire before ordering as some numbers are temporarily out of print.

Dr. Reginald L. McAll,
2268 Sedgwick Avenue
New York 53, N. Y.

Copyright, 1942, by Hymn Society of America
Reprinted 1949

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