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The synchronism and order of the Apocalyptical Prophecies, according to the things transacted, on no hypothetical interpretation, nor preconjecture about the events; but firmly demonstrated from the very characters of the visions themselves, purposely inserted by the Holy Spirit, and offered to examination according to a self-evident scheme: so that it may prove, as it were, a Thesean clew to those who are involved in this sacred labyrinth, and a Lydian stone to discover the true, and to refute every erroneous interpretation.


1. I CALL a synchronism of the prophecies a concurrence of events predicted therein within the same time; which may be called a contemporary or coetaneous period; for prophecies of contemporary things synchronize.


2. The order of the seals and of the trumpets included under them, is certain and indubitable; namely, that which the number points out from I. to VII. When the rest of the prophecies are compared with one another, and then with the seals by synchronism, the order of the whole Apocalypse will be manifest; and this, with God’s assistance, we now proceed to exhibit.

O thou that sittest on the throne, and thou, O Lamb, the root and the offspring11Stirps may imply both. of David, who alone vast worthy to receive and open the book, open the eyes of thy servant, direct his hand and his mind, that in these thy mysteries he may discern and disclose something to the glory of thy name, and to the advantage of the Church!

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