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This electronic edition of J. W. McGarvey's A Commentary on Acts of Apostles has been transcribed from the text of the seventh edition (Lexington, KY: Transylvania Printing and Publishing Co., 1872). The commentary, without external links to Scripture references, was first published online with Dr. Hans Rollmann's Restoration Movement Texts at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

This electronic edition is in the public domain and may be freely distributed and used for personal, non-commerical, or commerical purposes. Although no permission is required for use of this work, the editor does appreciate hearing about how it is being used to promote Bible study and to honor our Soon-Coming King.

Addenda and corrigenda are earnestly solicited.

Ernie Stefanik
373 Wilson Street
Derry, PA 15627-9770

Created 7 June 1997.
Updated 16 October 1998

[The original edition by Ernie Stefanik was converted for use by Logos, Inc, and from there converted to ThML for use at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library,, 2003-06.]

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