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To my Reverend and much-beloved Friend and Brother, Mr Elidad Blackwell, Preacher of God’s Word at Andrews Undershaft, London,

SIR.—I have at length sent you the copy of the sermon preached at your wife’s funeral; dispose of it as you shall think good, either to your closet or the press. My judgment is for the former, but my affection will not suffer me to oppose, if you resolve upon the latter. If it may be any allay of your sorrow for your great loss, or of any use to the public, I shall not repent of the transcription of it. This, I may say with modesty enough, that the subject is useful and proper to the occasion. At the interment of my godly friend, who had so long waited on my ministry with savour and profit, what could I insist upon more seasonably, for your comfort and mine own, than the blessedness of those that live and die in the Lord? Now the blessing of the Lord go along with this discourse, whatever becometh of it, and make up this great breach to you with the more abundance of spiritual refreshings, which is the unfeigned desire of, sir, your true friend and fellow-servant in the Lord’s work,

Tho. Manton.

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