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To the Right Honourable ARTHUR, Earl of Anglesey.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOUR,—In the learned ages of the world, it hath ever been somewhat difficult to suit books to the patronage of the learned, judicious, and impartial, such as they know you are who know you. And when such pieces are prepared, and ready to be sent abroad, it is not easy to make choice of a patron worthy of such a treatise. This presented to your lordship, worthy of a good, hath found out the best, patron; and like the incomparable ‘History of Thuanus,’ happy in its author and manner of writing, and in its patron to whom dedicated, fails only in the pen that dedicates it. The things it treateth of express much of your honour’s sentiments, wishes, value, and endeavours to keep the root of Christianity flourishing, that Christians may answer their ancient character, vivimus, non loquimur, magna. It savoureth of that moderation which adorns the Christian; it does with candour represent things in which many now dissent, that it would be happy for the Church of Christ if all would, on such terms, forbear each other, bear one another’s infirmities, and show that they believe ‘the Lord is at hand.’ Here, I think, is rightly stated what are the lesser, what are the weightier things of the law; and here are directions which, if followed, would keep peace and love among brethren, and perfect holiness in the fear of the Lord. The author enjoys that sight which holiness and peace, here recommended, did lead him, and will lead others unto. He is ἐν μακαρίτοις, and reaps the fruit of those and other his labours, which were designed to help others to happiness also. Be pleased to give the publisher leave to send this into the world, countenanced with your honour’s name and favour, which may induce some to read and consider what you approve, and the author left (as Elijah did his posthumous letter) to make the age wiser, i.e., holier and more peaceable. Assured of this favour from your honour, and hoping for this effect of the work, the publisher leaves it at your lordship’s feet, craving leave to subscribe himself, my lord, your honour’s most humble and obedient servant,

H. T.

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