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Expositions of Holy Scripture: St. John Chaps. XV to XXI.

Table of Contents

The Word in Eternity, in the World, and in the Flesh

The Light and the Lamps

‘Three Tabernacles’

The Fulness of Christ

Grace and Truth

The World’s Sin-bearer

The First Disciples: I. John and Andrew

The First Disciples: II. Simon Peter

The First Disciples: III. Philip

The First Disciples: IV. Nathanael

The First Disciples: V. Believing and Seeing

Jesus the Joy-bringer

The First Miracle in Cana — The Water Made Wine

Christ Cleansing the Temple

The Destroyers and the Restorer

Teacher or Saviour?

Wind and Spirit

The Brazen Serpent

Christ’s Musts

The Lake and the River

The Wearied Christ

‘Give Me to Drink’

The Gift and the Giver

The Springing Fountain

The Second Miracle

The Third Miracle in John’s Gospel

The Life-giver and Judge

The Fourth Miracle in John’s Gospel

‘Fragments’ or ‘Broken Pieces’

The Fifth Miracle in John’s Gospel

How to Work the Work of God

The Manna

One Saying with Two Meanings

The Rock and the Water

The Light of the World

Three Aspects of Faith

‘Never in Bondage’

One Metaphor and Two Meanings

The Sixth Miracle in John’s Gospel — The Blind Made to See, and the Seeing Made Blind

The Gifts to the Flock

The Good Shepherd

‘Other Sheep’

The Delays of Love

Christ’s Question to Each

The Open Grave at Bethany

The Seventh Miracle in John’s Gospel — The Raising of Lazarus


Love’s Prodigality Censured and Vindicated

A New Kind of King

After Christ: With Christ

The Universal Magnet

The Son of Man

A Parting Warning

The Love of the Departing Christ

The Servant-master

The Dismissal of Judas

The Glory of the Cross

Cannot and Can

Seeking Jesus

‘As I Have Loved’

Quo Vadis?

A Rash Vow

Faith in God and Christ

‘Many Mansions’

The Forerunner

The Way

The True Vision of God

Christ’s Works and Ours

Love and Obedience

The Comforter Given

The Absent Present Christ

The Gifts of the Present Christ

Who Bring Christ

The Teacher Spirit

Christ’s Peace

Joy and Faith, the Fruits of Christ’s Departure

Christ Foreseeing His Passion


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