Table of Contents

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Chapter I. Father, Child, and Nurse

Chapter II. Stepmother and Nurse

Chapter III. The Light

Chapter IV. The Bookbinder and His Pupil

Chapter V. The Mansons

Chapter VI. Simon Armour

Chapter VII. Comparisons

Chapter VIII. A Lost Shoe

Chapter IX. A Holiday

Chapter X. The Library

Chapter XI. Alice

Chapter XII. Mortgrange

Chapter XIII. The Beech-Tree

Chapter XIV. The Library

Chapter XV. Barbara Wylder

Chapter XVI. Barbara and Richard

Chapter XVII. Barbara and Others

Chapter XVIII. Mrs. Wylder

Chapter XIX. Mrs. Wylder and Barbara

Chapter XX. Barbara and Her Critics

Chapter XXI. The Parson's Parable

Chapter XXII. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Chapter XXIII. A Human Gadfly

Chapter XXIV. Richard and Wingfold

Chapter XXV. Wing Fold and His Wife

Chapter XXVI. Richard and Alice

Chapter XXVII. A Sister

Chapter XXVIII. Barbara and Lady Ann

Chapter XXIX. Alice and Barbara

Chapter XXX. Barbara Thinks

Chapter XXXI. Wingfold and Barbara

Chapter XXXII. The Shoeing of Miss Brown

Chapter XXXIII. Richard and Vixen

Chapter XXXIV. Barbara's Duty

Chapter XXXV. The Parson's Counsel

Chapter XXXVI. Lady Ann Meditates

Chapter XXXVII. Lady Ann and Richard

Chapter XXXVIII. Richard and Arthur

Chapter XXXIX. Mr., Mrs., and Miss Wylder

Chapter XL. In London

Chapter XLI. Nature and Supernature

Chapter XLII. Yet a Lower Deep

Chapter XLIII. To Be Redeemed, One Must Redeem

Chapter XLIV. A Door Opened in Heaven

Chapter XLV. The Carriage

Chapter XLVI. Richard's Dilemma

Chapter XLVII. The Doors of Harmony and Death

Chapter XLVIII. Death the Deliverer

Chapter XLIX. The Cave in the Fire

Chapter L. Duck-Fists

Chapter LI. Baronet and Blacksmith

Chapter LII. Uncle-Father and Aunt-Mother

Chapter LIII. Morning

Chapter LIV. Barbara At Home

Chapter LV. Miss Brown

Chapter LVI. Wingfold and Barbara

Chapter LVII. The Baronet's Will

Chapter LVIII. The Heir

Chapter LIX. Wingfold and Arthur Manson

Chapter LX. Richard and His Family

Chapter LXI. Heart to Heart

Chapter LXII. The Quarrel

Chapter LXIII. Baronet and Blacksmith

Chapter LXIV. The Baronet's Funeral

Chapter LXV. The Packet

Chapter LXVI. Barbara's Dream

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