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Charles O'r Bala

O Salvation, full Salvation,

Love's device for man's release!

What can shake the firm foundation

Of this covenant of peace?

Here my soul in trouble resteth,

Here through life is my abode:

When the stormy wind molesteth,

Days of calm have I with God.

Should my health be from me taken,

And my very life be done;

The decree remains unshaken

Made of old by Three in One:

Unremoved the promise liveth,

And the counsel standeth fast;

Unto him, who now believeth

Christ is life, and death is past.

Bitter things are changed to sweetness,

Darkness into clearest day;

Trials give my spirit meetness,

And they soon shall pass away:

By the covenant sustainèd,

Strong in comfort shall I be,

Till my soul at last hath gainèd

What my Father willed for me.


Once, I thought my little vessel

Had the wild waves overpast;

I was in the tranquil haven,

And my anchor had been cast!

Then I cried in fear, 'My Father,

Wilt Thou drive me back again?

In Thy bosom take me rather,

Let me bid farewell to pain!'

'Hush, My child, and wait My leisure,

Know there is no God but Me;

Be at rest in My good pleasure,

Trust My care--My care for thee:

In the struggle I shall hide thee

From the evil hand of foes;

I shall always walk beside thee,

I, thy succour and repose.'

Lord, it is enough for ever,

If Thou only be my God;

For Thy Son didst Thou deliver

To redeem me with His blood:

In His shelter I have hidden,

In the mortal bruise divine;

Be all other joys forbidden,

But the joy that He is mine.

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