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Benjamin Francis

The Rev. BENJAMIN FRANCIS was born at Pengelli, near Newcastle-Emlyn, in the year 1734. His father was a Baptist minister, a man of large 80 talents and many labours, his name being associated with the origin of several churches on the confines of the three counties of Cardigan, Caermarthen, and Pembroke. The son spoken of here was only six years old when his father died; but there were faithful friends who cared for him till he could care for himself. He commenced preaching at the age of nineteen; and soon after he entered the Academy at Bristol. In the year 1758 he was ordained minister of the Baptist church at Horsley, in Gloucestershire; and there he laboured in Christ for nearly half a century--until be was called to rest. His love for his native land constrained him to make contributions towards its church-song. His hymns are very correct and well finished; but only a few of them have found a permanent place in the sanctuary. Even these do not lend themselves to translation, being mostly free versions of the Psalms or of English hymns. He also published several English hymns; of which two at least are fairly well known--although in each case there is some confusion as to the authorship.

is generally attributed to him, with a query on behalf of the Rev. Jonathan Evans.

is again put down to Grigg, but altered by Benjamin Francis.

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