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William Williams

In his day the work of foreign missions was scarcely more than a Christian dream. But it was a dream that often filled his mind and his song. Indeed, it is exceedingly interesting to see the profound missionary colouring of Welsh hymns of the last century. It was as the singing of birds in the dawn before the sun has risen. Now that the missionary enterprise has passed beyond a dream--has advanced so far as to be thought fit for arraignment--it may not be amiss to associate our thoughts with the childlike faith and happy dreamings of earlier days:

The glory is coming, God said it on high,

When light in the evening will break from the sky;


The north and the south and the east and the West

With joy of salvation and peace will be blest.

The winter shall pass that has lingered so long,

Throughout the wide earth shall the birds sing Thy song;

The hills will be covered with harvests for Thee,

And flowers shall blossom from mountain to sea.

Thy promise shall spread over valley and hill,

Thy promise most precious of peace and good-will;

The Spirit shall gather Thy people of old,

The children of Israel, again to the fold.

The sons and the daughters shall prophesy then,

And praise and exalt the Redeemer of men;

The old men shall dream of the joys that await,

And scarcely believe when the peace is so great.

O summer of holiness! hasten along,

The purpose of glory is constant and strong:

The winter will vanish--the clouds pass away--

O South-wind of heaven, breathe softly to-day!

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