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William Williams

The last verse is the victory of faith over Nature: the world continues dark outside; but the dayspring from on high has visited the soul. In the next hymn, Faith and Nature stand side by side in the morning light.

The cloud has almost cleared,

That filled me with unrest;

The northwind too has veered

A little to the west:

After the storm there comes to-day

Fair weather on the heavenly way.

Dark night tempestuous

Will very soon be gone;

Long ages of the cross

Have been ordained for none:

The dawnlight in the eastern sky

Tells of a glorious morning nigh.

The sun is on the hills

Around my Father's house;

And through these earthly ills

The light eternal grows:

My hope is sure: who can efface

My name in God's own book of grace?

Upon His word I rest,

Come all things contrary;

When in the night distressed

My safe stronghold is He:

Nearer with each return of sun

The promise comes. It shall be done.

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