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William Williams

Williams died January 11, 1791, at Pantycelyn, near Llandovery. An obituary notice, which appeared in The Gentleman's Magazine of that year, speaks of 'the true poetic fire, striking imagery, and glowing expressions, united with the plaintive muse of the country' in his hymns; and says further--'His imagination gave variety and interest to his orations; his piety was warm, yet candid and charitable; his manners simple, yet affectionate and obliging; and his moral conduct without blemish or imputation.' When, however, it is therein prophesied that 'he is, perhaps, the last lyric poet of South Wales, the language of the country giving way'--we learn once more that it is not wise for a prophet to prophesy aloud.

In a quiet village churchyard in the Vale of Towy, 'he awaits the coming of the Morning Star which shall usher in the glories of the first resurrection.' So reads the inscription over his grave, written by his son. And his hymns fill the long night-watches with blessed hope, 'until the day break.'

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