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Come, brethren, unite

Another simple and earnest hymn of his is the following:

Come, brethren, unite

In holy delight,

To praise our Belovèd--redemption's great Light:

How sweet is the care

His love to declare--

That He should our chastisement faithfully bear.

Great God upon high,

The Lord from the sky,

He came as a Lamb without blemish, to die!

While under the sun,

Our duty is one--

To publish the merits and gifts of the Son.

A poor man He came,

Enduring our shame,

To be our Redeemer--our Brother by name:

Declare His renown,

The rights of His crown--

His life for the sheep hath the Shepherd laid down!


His blood hath made peace,

And brought us release;

And now the old bondage for ever must cease:

Who trust in His might

He leads into light;

Nor can any enemy break on His right.

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