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Appendix A - The electronic edition.

It is a privilege to release this Public Domain edition of Brother Lawrence’s Practice, though I fear I know very little about it.

It would appear from internal evidence to have been first published between 1670 and, say, 1700. The text given here is taken from a 16vo paperback pamphlet of unknown date; Edgar Charles Barton was Book Steward of the Epworth Press from the time of the Methodist Union of 1932 until 1948, which gives the limits within which the edition came out.

In order to distinguish this version from a subsequent corrected copy, I label this release 1.0; and to facilitate ARCHIVE location, request that all distributed copies bear the name

John Harris contact information:

mail: 24 beaconsfield rd, bristol, bs8 2ts, uk
tel: +44 272 738386 (fax same number, call voice first)

27th January 1994, Bristol, England.

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