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Ps 112:1-10. This Psalm may be regarded as an exposition of Ps 111:10, presenting the happiness of those who fear and obey God, and contrasting the fate of the ungodly.

1. True fear produces obedience and this happiness.

2, 3. Temporal blessings follow the service of God, exceptions occurring only as they are seen by God to be inconsistent with those spiritual blessings which are better.

4. light—figurative for relief (Ps 27:1; 97:11).

the upright—are like God (Lu 6:36; Ps 111:4).

5-9. Generosity, sound judgment in business, and confidence in God, form a character which preserves from fear of evil and ensures success against enemies. While a man thus truly pious is liberal, he increases in substance.

6. not be moved—(compare Ps 13:4; 15:5).

8. heart is established—or, firm in right principles.

see his desire—(Ps 50:23; 54:7).

10. Disappointed in their malevolent wishes by the prosperity of the pious, the wicked are punished by the working of their evil passions, and come to naught.

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