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Paul Gerhardt as a Hymn Writer
and his Influence on
English Hymnody

Theodore Brown Hewitt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of German
Williams College

New Haven
Yale University Press
London: Humphrey Milford
Oxford University Press



First Edition Copyright 1918 by Yale University Press

Second Edition Copyright © Concordia Publishing House, 1976

Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data
Hewitt, Theodore Brown, 1881.
Paul Gerhardt as a hymn writer and his influence on English Hymnody.
"Second Edition."
Originally presented as the author's thesis, Yale, 1917.
Reprint of the 1918 ed. published by Yale University Press, New Haven; with new afterward and updated bibliography.
Bibliography: p. 171
Includes index.
1. Gerhardt, Paulus, 1607-1676. 2. Hymns, English--History and Criticism. 3. Literature, Comparative--German and English. 4. Literature, Comparative--English and German. 1. Title.
BV330.G4H4 1976 245'.31'0924 [B] 76-13913
ISBN 0-570-1313-5


A portion of the expense of printing this thesis has been borne by the Modern Language Club of Yale University from funds placed at its disposal by the generosity of Mr. George E. Dimock, of Elizabeth, N. J., a graduate of Yale in the class of 1874.


B. A. F. H.

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